Second Grade Class Program

 INTRODUCTION     (10 Min)

     Madison Historical Society – meaning of each word  
     Beginning of the Madison Historical Society in 1922    (5 Min)
         Two buildings ( Madison House and present day Bank)
     Bottle Hill – name change to Madison in 1834   
          Q: Who was the town named after?       
           A:  James Madison – 4th President     
CLOTHING   (10 Min)  
     What people wore – Childs dress and skirt with blouse
     Bathing Suit  
     Present train station
     Old Train Station
     Waverly Place crossing
     Old Firehouse with horses
     Old Police Station (note movie theater)
     Museum of Early Trades and Crafts
     Horse Trough
ROSE INDUSTRY    10-15 Min)
     Short history of industry  
     Framed photo
     Photos – Greenhouse being built, Bob Nichols, grading room/gradingstick
   Began in 1856 – first Green house for table flowers
   1866 – First roses into NYC by train (train came in 1838)
   1900 – 45 to 50 small greenhouses – 10,000 plants
   1918 – Fewer but larger green houses   100,000 plants
   1948 – 25,000,000 flowers sent to NYC – 1,000,000 plants in Madison and surrounding area